Chapter 05 – City Trade

It’s Mid-day as Balthor’s Caravan makes it past the inner gate. Some parts of the outer wall are being reconstructed with stone. Balthor notices the lively noise and smells of the streets, they are still packed at this hour. It’s going to take a while to work their way through the throng of people. Balthor decides to store his goods at a local in until the streets lighten up. Balthor says to his companions. Check to see if our normal inn has opening four men to a room, got it.  I will bring the commodity list straight to the guild. Until the goods are in their hands, keep two people on watch. Balthor makes his way to one of the largest buildings near the market, as he climbs the silver steps he’s filled with aw. It’s a magnificent sight of engineering. Six stories tall, hundreds of feet wide, housing dozens of private and public trading rooms. The guild takes a small cut of each transaction done in the city. No one dares to short the guild a merchant could lose his livelihood and be denied access to every major branch and shipping routes. Without the guilds, nobles or foreign companies could have sway over how the markets are balanced. This system has been adopted by all major cities, balance is key and with balance comes reliability. Reliability in the guild and the cities currency, this has cut a lot of stress from the market, keeping inflation and deflation under tight control.

Balthor notices that the city and thriving but he can feel the stress on the people, the increased monster activity is really affecting everyone. I wonder how long this can go on for. Balthor walks up to one of the many counters lined up in a horse shoe manner, allowing for dozens of receptions to take orders or request for material of travel. Balthor walks up to the nearest counter on his left. Well looks like I’ll be helping you today balthor, say Lucy.

Fantastic, it’s always a pleasure Lucy says Balthor. How are the prices, right now it’s been quite tough journey just to get here? We’ve lost a lot of good men this year.

That’s not good at all Balthor, we’ve been hearing that lot lately and the guild has pass it along to the knight brigades. I hear they are recruiting hundreds of trainees in preparation. Well with all the materials and monster meat that’s being brought in, I’m surprised it’s still so bad. The market is flooded with low grade monster meat is selling extremely cheap right now. Well let’s look at the commodity list.

Wheat- 60 bags

Furs- 160 tanned hides

Processed leather- 100 sheets

Livestock assorted- 30

Iron tools assorted-20

Iron sword and armor-10 each

Bronze accessories-15

Cured meats-200 lbs.

Spices- 60 Jars salt, 60 Jars black pepper

Monster gems- 6 D grade


Well at current market value and with the uptick in demand for all these goods, you’re looking at about 3400 Gold coins. I can write up a bill of sale and cash you out, I assume you’re going to want to purchase some items to bring back am I correct?

Yeah, I’m going to need 50 Heal potions and 50 cure potions, we have some young ins coming of age this year and we are looking to expand our villages classes. We have a few who are leaning towards Alchemy and Holy magic. Do you have any Training books or guides?

Well we do but it’s not going to be cheap, let me just check the inventory list. Ah yes, we have these items in stock but at the current market value its 100 gold each.

What! 100 gold each, come on Lucy say Balthor, That’s two years of income for most family.

This is greatly reduced as of late, it would seem someone has invented a way to write two books at the same time using some type of device. It’s still early and the guide is looking into its viability, but prices have come down a bit after its spread around. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t go lower than 100G its really the best the guild can do.

Alright Lucy, I take it. It’s going to help in the long run. I really can’t believe I’m spending this on books. Well alright Lucy. I’m also going to need to hire some more adventures can I have you pass the request along to the guild.

Ah, yes Balthor, its normally two silver to facilitate the request but ill waive it this time. How many Adventure are you looking to hire and what’s the time length.

Well Lucy, I’m looking at ten skilled adventures, no newbies this time, I want at least C rankers. I know, I know, it’s not going to be cheap, I’m looking for six-month terms. Food and transportation and lodging will be provided. We need them before we leave as they will fill in as extra guards for our return trip.

Alright Balthor, let me put up the request, it will take a few days. As for the cost if my current calculations are correct it’s going to run you 1800Gold. Minus the potions and the other materials your requesting, your left with 1370 gold. Would you like me to cash you out before you leave the city?

(Going rate for C ranks 30 gold a month x10 adventures 300×6 1800 for 6 months.)

(Potions are 3silver: 10silver to a gold, 100 potions 30 gold.)

Lucy, I almost forgot we are going to need two Magic wands and an alchemy set.

Yes, no problem Balthor, lesser wands are 15 gold each and the alchemy set is 100 gold. I do recommend getting the lesser wand as they are easier to learn with. By next year if everything goes well you can trade in and buy a regular Magic wand.

Perfect, Thanks Lucy. I’ll stop by before we leave the city and cash out. We are stay at the bucking horse inn, send a runner when you have the goods ready.

Your welcome Balthor, here is your receipt (total 1240 gold) payable at any merchant’s guild location. You can also cash it at the adventurer’s guild, but you will incur a 10 gold surcharge. I’ll see you in a few days, I’ll send some runners and guarders to take passion of the goods. It’s always a pleasure doing business with break falls village.

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