Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – What the..

The Various races have started to spawn, soon they will start to reproduce and build. The bluish Orb has been sleeping near the surface of an underground temple built as part of his request to God Malickii for 950,000 years in stasis, to him time has not even pass for a second before he awakes.

The bluish Orb ” ugh, what’s my name, as he starts to view the surroundings, he calls out  “Malickii, Malickii” uh that’s right, I remember a bright flash, that means I’ve been sleeping for a million years “gasp” was he for real or is it some cruel joke.

Ugh, I wish I had more information (a blinding light, only he can see flashes before his vision)

The bluish orb hears a voice inside his mind, Eve: Online, working on Bringing up the HUD (heads up display)

Eve: your desire for more information has spawn my existence, I’m currently called Eve. I am an artificial intelligence created to help you manage your power.

The bluish orb (his proverbial mouth is hanging open) h… h… hello eve, why Eve.

The HUD comes up in his field of vision, containing a mini map of the surrounding area with a changeable view with zoom of H300 W300 L300 miles,

Eve- “Easy Variable environment” – the map is currently on default settings 300×300 you may change it at any time,

I’ve analyzed the current available data and have concluded that you lack a physical form.

The bluish orb – So, I have to make my own body?

Eve- Correct, but it’s not necessary, if you desire a body it can be built.

The bluish orb –yess! Wait, I don’t have a name, let me think of one, I still remember names from Earth, but I want something more personal from my old life, yes! I have it, call me Kenjinn, it’s based on my level 100 Paladin from (WOW), I still have great memories of it, and from the few memories I have left this fits.

Eve- Name Confirmed, Kenjinn, I will refer to you as Master from now on or Kenjinn if you prefer.

Kenjinn- Master’s fine, please tell me, the information you’ve collected so far.

Eve- current time in stasis has been for 950,000, years 1 day and 42 minutes 38 seconds.

I’ve access the universes data log and have concluded the default settings have been applied for all of existence, they are as follows. Date is currently set to 000,000,000,001 time matches your awaking and is in the style of your original world. The laws of physics have been applied with your requested exception, the existence of mana and its ability to alter the universe to a point. We are current on third planet from the sun, it has two moons, this is within the perfect location for carbon based life, the planet has been named Laksil, per you’re request, it would seem to be that you named it before the trade. The current time is 4:00 Am the temperature is 70 Fahrenheit, 80 on the surface. Do you have any questions on the data I’ve collected so far?

Kenjinn – mm mm umm, so the races have been placed on the world?

Eve- It would seem that the races are still within the early stages of growth, they have yet to form a cohesive culture. It will take thousands of years unassisted to advance to the expected level you have requested. (The middle ages)

Kenjinn – that’s okay, I didn’t want to miss there development, is that why I woke up early?

Eve- this is most likely the cause

Kenjinn – okay, let’s create a body and get the hell out of this cave.


Eve- the Character customization widow has been created, Voice parameters are permitted.

Kenjinn – Perfect, thanks Eve.

Eve- master there is no need to thank me, All is as your will desires.

Kenjinn – oooo, Let’s put some restrictions of that, I don’t want to get mad and blow the whole planet up, Please apply a prompt to confirm creations or destruction of anything my will might create.

Eve- Parameters have been set

Kenjinn- haha, I need to be careful and strict with this much power. Okay let’s create the body I always wished for, can I copy anything from my memories.

Eve- Yes,

Kenjinn – Okay lefts start with a base Ryan Reynolds,

Height: 6 Feet 5 inches, Body build: Buff, like a body builder. Hair color, let’s go with a hybrid of blue and green, alternating colors depending on how you look at it. (I can always change it later). Eye color Hazel, Let’s leave the foot size the same 12 wide. Add a trimmed Beard, hmm about my manhood lets set it to 9 inches,

Eve- Completed

Kenjinn – Perfect now what, the surround light dims to complete black.

Eve-Transferring your conscious, 95% 98% 99% 100% completed.

The light starts to return to Kenjinn’s field of vision, the ceiling is a sculpted pearl white marble, polished blocks. As he sits up and looks around he start taking in the surroundings detail, it’s a beautiful temple with Grass covered floor and trees with a small pond with a water fall. Kenjinn gets up and looks into the water to see his reflection, perfect, we can make some small changes later to personalize it, but it doesn’t seem to be 100% copy from my memory, I mean my memory wasn’t perfect at the time. Still I would have to say I look damn good. Eve where’s the Exit.

Eve – setting the waypoint on the HUD to the nearest exit master.

Kenjinn – perfect, let’s see what the surface looks like.

The HUD displays a golden direction arrow and line pointing to the exit. It would seem I’m going to have lot of time on my hands, I need think up some things to-do. I should be able to do anything and everything instantaneously but that would take the meaning out of life.

Eve- Recommendations Master, you should produce offspring.

Kenjinn – whhhattt, it’s too early for that and who would I be producing them with!!!

Eve- Master from your collected knowledge you do not need to have sex to reproduce, there are some variables to consider, if you produce them with mana they will be from your essence but not of your DNA, finding a physical partner you can transfer the required DNA in a few ways, Sex as a normal mammal or transfer your sperm via magic to the women’s egg. Either way has a 100% success rate. These are the things you will need to consider, if you birth Children now they will contain enormous powers and be considered Gods of this realm. You can then teach them and in turn they can teach their off spring to help push the different races forward in evolution.

Kenjinn – Well that would solve a lot of problems waiting tens of thousands of years for them to stumble through advances. Okay that’s a good plan, but I don’t want them created with mana, I want them to be my true children, but who am I going to get to mate with, I mean I still have the same emotions as I had on earth, I want to find love right? Yes Love would be nice, considering how much time, I’m going to live. Okay first lets head to the surface. Walking down a dark stone corridor that’s been sculpted with the picture of the sun and its corresponding planets rotating around it, a complete model of the solar system.

I see light, the paved stone floor beings to incline and slowly raising in level as I walk closer to the shimmer of light between cracks it what appears thick stone slab. This looks very heavy. Eve, how much can I lift with the current specs of my body?

Eve- your body can handle up to 3 tons, with using mana or divine force the number will increase by a factor of 10x

Kenjinn – wow, I’m a total bad ass. I place my hands on the smooth surface of the exit and push as if to perform a push up, the stone slab starts to move and makes a grinding noise, sand starts to slid in near my feet, I give it one last push with all my strength.

The slab bursts out of the newly opened door frame and soars 100 feet (BOOM) And smashes into a massive tree, nearby wild life scatters at the noise, Squirrels and deer’s, bears and birds.

Oops, need to watch the strength. I view the sight from the newly opened door and it appears to be on the side of a large mountain, the sun rises in the east, at the base of the mountain a river can be seen, lush green forest as far as the eye can see. It looks like a matching eco system of earth, perfect. Eve how close is the nearest sentient life form.

Eve- South at 200 miles is a small village of Elves, additional 300 miles from that lies a settlement of Dragon kin. To the east 230 miles there is a flock of dragons. Further scans are needed if this does not meet your expectations.

Kenjinn – no that’s fine, so it’s too early for humans or demi humans?

Eve- Yes 2500 years to early, do you wish to spawn them now?

Kenjinn – hmm if I want to have a human god, I’m going to need to spawn them in sooner than later, what about spawning in the high humans they have a much lower birth rate. I can also make a higher version of demi humans that have a low birthday and longer life span. Okay it’s decided. Eve please spawn in the requested races.

Eve- As you wish master, I will take the liberty to place them further out than the current races living in the vicinity. This will take at least 5 years to incubate the requested life forms.

Kenjinn – okay, that’s fast considering. Eve? how many of each race do we have now.

Eve- currently 500 Dragons, 30 Dragon kin (Currently only contains hybrid of elf and dragon), 403 high elves and 352 Dark elves. We also have 24 elves born with lower mana levels, so they are categorized as just normal elves.

Kenjinn – why are all the races so close to my birth place?

Eve- this location is considered the Cradle of life and has the highest density of mana on the planet. It is very likely that each of the older races will build their First city’s here.

Kenjinn – thanks for the insight Eve, let’s get a bit further out, I want to build myself a home, before anything else. What are our options for travel?

Eve- Flight magic, Growing wings, Space magic or walking, we can also create a mount or vehicle with mana.

Kenjinn – haha, I’m so OP. Eve have any of the races discovered magic yet?

Eve- Yes master, they have its still within the basic realm, they will need to train for a few years to be able to use the mana in the area as it’s at its highest density here.

Kenjinn – I don’t need to train to learn it right?? I at least want some of the basics.

Eve- Magic Knowledge Pending transfer, will you accept YES / NO?

Kenjinn – Well don’t mind if I do, Thanks eve you’re the best.

Bright Flashes and images of each spell floats around my line of sight, basic control over the elements has been uploaded to your brain. Control of Fire, Wind, Air, Water, Holy, space and Darkness is at my fingertips.

One thought on “Chapter 1

  1. This looks like a cool and promising story until now 🙂
    I especially like the concept of him having some kind of admin-god powers, instead of the normal just overpowered protagonist.
    I’m looking forward to the next chapter!


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