Chapter 2

The sun reaches its peak, Kenjinn is walking around in the valley, enjoying the breeze and serenity near a river. His body feels no hunger or thirst, he spends his time enjoying the perfect view. This world is perfect with zero pollutants, Animals roam and are naturally friendly towards Kenjinn. The world has abundant wild life, perfect foundations to build his home.

Kenjinn- Eve, can you pull up a grid of the mountain cove. The cove is quite massive stretching from one end of the valley to the other with perfect defensible properties.

Eve- Now displaying the requested grid.

Kenjinn- Oh perfect 5x5miles, a nice open field to build, easy access to a deep and wide river, I’m going to build a port city here.

Eve- Master, how would you like to go about building the city?

Kenjinn- Eve I want to refrain from making anything instantly, I have all the time anyone would ever need.

Eve- that is correct master, I believe you are implying you will build it with your own hands.

Kenjinn-Every stone and brick will be placed by me. Let’s get started….

Eve- Master suggestion, I believe a Barrier should be placed while under construction, even though we are deep in the mountain, you don’t want any of the races to discover the job site.

Kenjinn- Great Thinking Eve what would I do without you, please setup the barrier and have it redirect any of the races to the other side making undetectable.

Time lapse-

Kenjinn spends his early days building the facilities needed to construct the city and a small place to live while he builds. First to be built Is a small log cabin 900sqft in total with a living room, kitchen, Dining room. Next is the Smithy to create tools, followed by a quarry for stone at the base of the mountain, next is a mine directly in the mountain face for gathering ores and gems. Time flies by as Kenjinn learns to master each craft required to build a city this takes years, as time continues to pass, city construction is going smoothly. Paved roads lead to a 50-foot-tall fortress wall surrounding the city Carved with Magic runes for added strength. Massive Gates 5 feet thick made with reinforced Mithril. Open into an inner area called area 1, that could be used as a check point for cargo and access to the docks. Next is the inner matching wall called area 2 “square inside of another square”

Area 1 houses General market and trade area, storage and auction houses and inns followed by guard housing, residential housing and the main attraction the port.

Area 2 is small and holds noble housing and the main castle and higher end residential housing for merchants and affluent people.

Each house regardless of quality has a fully working bathroom and kitchen with running water hot and cold, each house includes at least two bedrooms. Some builds are made larger than others as they are meant to hold different family sizes and or businesses. The streets are lines with underground water ways and sewers leading to a sewage cleaning pit filled with magic runes, this city will produce next to no waste. The streets are lined with small cheery trees followed up by a lantern post housing a light crystal mined from nearby.

Kenjinn- Wow I’m almost done, I want to include some general worker golem and guard golems, Eve can you take care of that I’m beat, I really lost track of time there.

Eve- Golems are being constructed and set to tasks as requested master.

Kenjinn- Eve I feel like it’s been a bit of time, I’m afraid to ask but I kind of tunneled versioned while working, how long as it been?

Eve- as master did not request an alarm or reminders, I did not interrupt your work. It’s been 2000 years master.

Kenjinn- Shocked unable to speak, standing still wondering with a dumb expression on his face, is that even possible, it felt like maybe 5 years.  I… ii … I. Well I guess no use crying over spilt milk.  So, the requested races have naturally matured right.

Eve- that is correct master, as you have asked for an accelerated time frame on the races spawn the next set has been spawned and they have already taken root in society. It would seem the races have formed a coalition and have cobbled together a shabby city, they seem to be getting along with the newly born races sharing knowledge and resources, they are in the early stages of city building

Kenjinn- that’s great to hear I didn’t expect that to happen for quite some time.

Eve- there seems to be a competing faction that is made up of rogue elements of the other races. Would you like me to research this further?

Kenjinn- hmm let’s send some probes out to gather intel and I’ll look at it later.

Eve- Construction and distribution of Probes are under way. The information I have gathered so far is that the races have a base concept of a divine creator, they argue over if it’s a he or she and what race you are. The fact they think your limited by such petty things is proof of their ignorance.

Mast the probes have started to relay a bit of data. It looks like the city is suffering from an abundance of disease, they seem to be barely keeping it in check with holy magic. They lack the infrastructure to maintain sanitation. Would you like to act on this matter?

Kenjinn- hmm I don’t want to openly do anything, can we maybe let slip what they need to do.

Eve- Yes master, we can send a probe in disguise as an elf scholar who has a remedy for the issues plaguing the city.

Kenjinn- Perfect, make it so… ha-ha I always wanted to say that.

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