Chapter 03



Chapter 03 – It’s perfect


Early Morning with a slight chill, Kenjinn is enjoying a cup of light roast coffee while surveying the recently completed City. the city is vast containing a few thousand buildings. The city should house around 100,000-300,000 citizens.


Kenjinn- Eve has the probe made contact?

Eve- Yes master, the probe has been welcomed into the city and has proven his worth to the local populace.

Kenjinn- Great, it won’t be discovered right.

Eve- No master is has taken on a complete bio-shell and is a 90% organic copy, the remaining 10% is its A-I interface and corresponding data bases on the following fields of study, Engineering, farming, Alchemy, construction, and all-race medical knowledge.

Kenjinn- If only they knew how much, potential the probe has, by the way eve, it can’t be referred to a probe the whole time has it been given a name.

Eve- the probe has been given the name Kin, master. It will slowly give advice and help advance the scientific understanding. This will lead to a cleaner, healthier population. It would appear the poorer populace is dying off from disease. The death rate would be 10-15 a day. I believe it will take five to six months for Kin to implement several changes that should reduce the causalities by 85%.

Kenjinn- that’s good to hear.


A Medium sized village far removed from any of the big cities the people have come together to live due to its low tax rate and cleaner living than coalition-city, the village is surrounded with Wood spike walls and a few defense towers. It has a mixed populace consisting of elves, demi-humans, dwarfs, with some of the high races included. The houses are a mix of mud huts with a few of the wealthier houses are made from logs, the village councils building is made from Stone base and wood walls and roof. It’s the largest building in the village housing 100 members.

Currently its 6:00am and the elder council members are meeting to discuss the current crisis plaguing its people, we’ve lost another trade caravan, we can’t sustain these losses for much longer. The increase in monster activity are driving us to collapse. One of the elder members Voices the current situation to his fellow members. So, we are agreed on increasing the watch and recruiting more adventures to handle security for the caravans. The discussion continues with another elder voicing his option even if we increase the security, the village coffers are almost depleted. We recovered some of the goods from the previous trip but it’s still a 90% lose including the guards. We only have one choice left to us we must go all in on the next trip if we can’t deliver at least 1500 Kg’s of Rice, Wheat, furs and tools to the city the village will fall to ruin. The chatter in the background beings to pick up as the members discuss back and forth whether they should commit the last of their resources to before winter.

In a house near the meeting hall stands a young dark elf named Alas she currently cooking breakfast for her mother and siblings. As they prep and process wool and cotton. Alas calls over, the food is ready, come eat. A pair of twin’s a boy and girl, come running in followed by a mother figure wearing a white apron, Okay, clam down you two. You have a few more hours of work before you can go play. Did you two feed the cows and chickens. Yess mother, they both replied in sync. Alas, your father is still at the council meeting. I think it’s going to be a long one today, we should start dinner without him. As the sun starts to set, the door opens and in walks balthor.

Balthor- I’m home dear,

Te- Welcome home dear, did everything go well.

Balthor- are the kids asleep.

Te- Yes, they tried to stay up and wait for you but its been a long day for them.

Balthor- good, its not looking good, we finalized one last push, all in no expense spared. It’s the only way to recover from the recent loses.

Te- O dear, its worse than many the house wives thought.

Balthor- If we complete the trade we can pull through.

Nearby and unseen to normal eyes an invisible probe, flies around and gathers data, while listening and recording conversations within 5 miles. As it completes the assigned task it starts to return to its master. With its job complete, it flies into the city and lands on a pedestal made of marble. It’s one of hundreds lined up and stacked. It waits for further instructions as it uploads the collected data to the central data base. As the data is pooled and collected Eve sorts and categorizes and labels the data for its masters easy. As eve starts to correlate’s the data, patterns of increased monster activity are apparent. The mindless beasts are spawning out of control as the races are still working through the mysteries of magic and battle arts.

Eve- This must be brought to master’s attention. Eve glows bright for a brief second and the sound of a bubble popping can be heard, this is the effect of teleportation.

Eve appears before Kenjinn in a quick flash of light, Kenjinn doesn’t even notice as he’s working on his Divine weapon Smithing.

Kenjinn- I’ve come so far in a short amount of time, I really love the sound of strike the anvil and the spray of sparks as I turn my will into what I desire.

Eve-Master, I have the data we discussed, I recommending we go over it.

Kenjinn- After I finish shaping the tang of the blade. I still need to put the final touches on it before I quench it.

As Kenjinn works the rhythm of the anvil drowns out all in his mind as he puts his very essence into the forging of his creations. Without even realizing it he’s made Dozens of divine weapons and tools, all while enjoying the physical work and seeing the results.

His city’s armory is full to the brim with armor and weapons he’s built. The best of his creations glow with a hue of their core elements. Some white some blue some red. A few black but those are mostly the smaller blades. Daggers and throwing knives. It seems his love of fantasy has brought out many designs without him even realizing it.

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